Thursday , August 22 2019

Sri Lanka Easter Blasts Video

Three churches and 3 hotels in Sri Lanka killed 137 people, while more than 300 were injured.

According to the foreign news agency, 6 bombings in churches and hotels in various cities including Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, killed 137 people, and more than 300 were injured when relief personnel moved the injured to the hospital immediately. The number of injured is not worried when the administration has appealed to the public to donate blood donations.

Sri Lanka Easter Blasts

According to Sri Lankan officials, 3 hotels in the Columbus and a church in the capital Colombia were blown up, while one church was targeted in Batti Cola and Katotova city, police said in a bomb blast, a Christian community was targeted. As a result of Easter festival, there was a lot of damage due to rush in churches and hotels.

According to the Sri Lankan police, surrounded by the blast site, the work of collecting evidence was started, what kind of explosion was there, yet nothing has been told that any group responsible for the blasts. The responsibility is not accepted too.

Who Blast in Sri Lanka

After the blast, security has been tighten up throughout Sri Lanka as well as high alert on the airport and railway stations, on the other hand, due to terrorism, 2 days leave has been released in schools across the country.

Sri Lankan President Math Pala, Sri Sinaa, appealed to the public to appeal to the peace and said that they are in grave trauma due to the blasts.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Jaheel Wakeem Singh, denying the blasts, said that the unity of the people should be established in this hour of difficulty and avoid avoiding rumors.

Sri Lanka Blasts CCTV Video

Sri Lanka’s blasts and terrorism have been condemned by Pakistan, in the statement released by the Spokesperson’s Office, said that the people and government of Pakistan are standing with the people of Sri Lanka, we are against Sri Lanka against terrorism. Are together and condemn terrorism in Colombo

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